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 Selecção dos artigos mais interessantes da semana, tendo como base a pesquisa feita pelo António CâmaraExplora community

7 Abril 2019


A great overview of computational biology. See also Susan Hockfield (former MIT President)why the XXI Century will be defined by biology

Cities, Nature and Clean Tech

Octopus can “see” with their skin

Tweeting kills migratory birds

Your cotton tote is the worst replacement for a plastic bag

Developing new companies

Great interview with Margrethe Vestager (the inspiration for Borgen), Europe’s top antitrust regulator: “A Convenient Life and a Good Life May Not Be the Same Thing”

Far out

Why some of us take risks, and some stay at home. A new study shows that a gene identified in fruit flies may help explain it

What do we do now that will be considered unthinkable in 50 years?” See the answers of 15 experts here

14 Abril 2019


Kaleidoscope thinking: how to think faster and more clearly

Extraordinary 500 years catalogue revealing books lost to time was found

Cities, Nature and Clean Tech

Robots to the rescue of the Great Barrier Reef

High tech glasses for the blind describing what is in front of them

Far out

Ever surprising China: Chinese scientists have put human brain genes in monkeys

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